Make whole grains your new fast food!

Find the answers:

"Why use whole grains?"
"Don't whole grains taste like wood?"
"Isn't it messy and time consuming to make bread?"
"Can's choke down another airline entree or power bar?"
"Getting bored with the same fast food every week?"
"Why am I hungry all the time?"

You will find yourself eating while grains becasue you WANT to,
not because you have to!

Using Whole Grains every day

Start here! Bread making at its very best! One easy, miracle recipe creates hundreds of delicious options! This class is all things you
can create with bread dough, like the perfect loaf of steaming, mouth-watering bread, homemade creamy pop tarts, zesty calzones,
pretzels, elephant ears, all varieties of artisan breads, gourmet pizza's, and much, much more. Why use whole grains? Isn't it messy
and time consuming to make bread? Won't I gain weight if I eat more carbs? We'll answer all these questions and more, AND give
you dinner ideas for weeks and weeks! Be more satisfied and healthy. Eat well, for less. You'll be a hero to your family!

Good To Go

Specialized for breakfast, snacks, travel and backpacking food, at the ready! Are mornings too hectic for a proper breakfast? Do you
find yourself starving by 10 am and reaching for the donuts? Can't choke down one more airline entree? Sick of cardboard energy
bars? Kids in sports and need quick shots of great-tasting protein? Have we got solutions for you! You'll have sustained energy all
day long. You will be the happiest traveler or backpacker. Sports players will just keep going and going! We will make all different
kinds of chewy or crunchy energy bars---suited to every taste and need---plus, breakfast biscotti, best granola ever, and many more
items to guarantee you will never be bored with the mundane again. Learn shopping tips as well as how to make, organize, package,
and freeze a vast array of foods for super fast convenience.

Go Beyond!

Exciting dishes made with grain, for the advanced palette! Includes the use of more exotic grains, and unique uses of every day grains. Oatmeal ice cream, anyone?! Getting bored with the same eats over and over? Bring variety and excitement to your table. Learn whole g
rain recipes from around the world. You will be amazed at how delicious whole grain eating can be---you will eat whole grains because
you WANT to, not just because you're supposed to. You will look forward to meal time again!

Health and Weight Management

Finally find satisfaction: Customize your eating, thinking, and habits. Gain vitality, for life! Why am I hungry all the time? Why
can't I lose weight, even when I diet and exercise? Well, whole grain eating could be a great answer! Learn how to have optimum
metabolism and digestion. Valuable tools and tips you can implement to best serve your individual, incredible body. We will prepare
several breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert dishes, using wholesome foods, all designed to increase your energy and improve your health.

All of these information-packed classes include recipes, samples, fun, tips, and inspiration.
Each class is also available on DVD, $19.95 each, plus tax & shipping. Great to have on hand for future reference, or give as a welcome gift, for all ages.
Instruction is clear and easy; YOUR success is guaranteed!

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